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Our RM Crushers and Screeners at Chapmans

Chapman Crushing mainly crush and screen asphalt and other materials. That is why they were looking for crushers and screens that perform well when processing asphalt and handle C&D waste and different types of natural stone reliably too.

“There aren’t many crushers that are capable of processing asphalt as well as other recycled materials. That’s where RM crushers stand out from the crowd. RM crushers and screens are robust and get the job done,” says Matthew Crofts, Director of Chapman Crushing in Derbyshire, UK. 

Special geometry and easy handling

“The special geometry of the RM impact arm and the fact that you can adjust the impact arm ideally in just a few steps ensure that the asphalt stays in the crushing box for longer. This ensures that a smaller and perfectly cuboid value aggregate is produced in a single pass. This means less oversize aggregate, which in turn means less refeeding to achieve the desired grain size. Now, RM crushers save a great deal of time and costs when crushing asphalt. In a nutshell, RM crushers are ideal for crushing asphalt,” explains Paul Donelly, Managing Director of RM sales partner Red Knight 6. Another reason for the excellent asphalt processing is the unique design of the full-length feed channel, which protects the motor compartment below from contamination. In addition to protecting the motor from sticky asphalt dust, it also provides advantages for other applications.

Unique wide mesh radiators perfect for asphalt crushing

An additional challenge when crushing asphalt is the extremely sticky asphalt dust. The dust adheres to the hot radiators on the machine and reduces efficiency. RUBBLE MASTER has implemented an effective solution for this as standard: wide-mesh radiators. These keep the air circulating, and the radiators don’t run as hot, so less asphalt dust adheres to them. The result is that machine operators save hours of cleaning work with aggressive chemicals.

RM crushers and screens are efficient both alone and in a team

“Due to the high throughput of the crushers, we also needed screening equipment with greater efficiency and capacity,” says Crofts, explaining Chapman’s requirement for five pre-screens and five post-screens. “When we tested the screens, we saw how well the crushers and screens worked together as a processing line, as well as on their own. 

The RM crushers and RM screens are better than anything I have seen during my many years in the business. 

The screens, in particular, have helped us take our company to the next level. Our fleet of RM crushers and screens now gives us precisely this potential to produce a wide variety of materials into high-quality final aggregate. Add to that the fact that Red Knight 6 support us with the highest level of service and after-sales, and I can only say that for me, this is the complete package!” adds Crofts.

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